STEM Scholars Program

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National Science Foundation

What is the STEM Scholars Program?

The NSF-funded STEM Scholars Program provides need-based scholarships for academically talented undergraduates majoring in biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, or engineering in an effort to increase numbers of students pursuing STEM disciplines. 

In addition to the scholarship, STEM students in the program are provided with academic support and networking opportunities, individualized STEM tutors, presentations by professionals in STEM disciplines, one-on-one advising, and a special STEM FYE section to help them successfully complete their degree in a timely fashion.

Student participants live in the same residence hall, take classes together, and engage in collaborative, multidisciplinary research.  Virginia Wesleyan faculty and Career Services specialists provide workshops and a network of STEM professionals to assist students with career placement.

What are the scholarship amounts?

First-year participants in the STEM Scholars Program receive $3000 during the first academic year (Phase I).  Upon declaration of a STEM major and successful completion of each academic term, the scholarship renews each year for $5000/ year (Phase II) .  The average award for a four-year period is $18,000.

Who is eligible to apply for the STEM Scholars Program?

To be eligible for the STEM Scholars Program students must successfully complete at least a) one math course beyond Algebra II and b) four units of science in high school. 
Applicants to the program must plan to attend VWU, major in a STEM discipline and have a financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

How do I apply for the STEM Scholars Program?

To apply for the STEM Scholars Program applicants must complete the Phase I application.

For more information on the VWU STEM Scholars Program please contact:
Dr. Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson, STEM Scholars Program, Virginia Wesleyan University

Tel: (757) 455-3265,