Student Computers

Buying Your Own Computer

Though Virginia Wesleyan offers several computer labs for student use, we recommend that you purchase your own computer for use in your dorm room. There are quite a few benefits of owning your own computer:

  • It's easy to connect to the campus network and the Internet from your room
  • You'll be able to install your own software and games
  • You'll have a lot more storage space for files and downloads (since the Internet is so fast, you'll be doing a lot of downloading)
  • You'll never have to wait for a seat in the labs
  • You'll have access to your computer at any time of night or day
  • You can take it with you when you leave

Virginia Wesleyan is proud to offer you special pricing and service on computers through our partnership with Dell Computers. You may purchase from a selection of laptops. They are covered by a 4-year limited warranty plus 4 year on-site service and complete care. Virginia Wesleyan is an authorized Dell repair center, most repairs can be done on campus and all repair work and replacement parts are free. Why not have a look?

What If I Already Have My Own Computer, or What If I Don't Like Dell?

We hope that you'll take advantage of the special deals that Dell offers to you, but if you already own a computer or you want to buy something else, you may do so. However, our ability to provide support and service is diminished, and we cannot guarantee that what you get will work well on our campus network. The Information Technology Services staff is specially authorized to work on Dell computers: if you run into a problem on a non-Dell computer, we will do our best to help you with it (labor is free) but we can't guarantee ready availability of replacement parts or software.

Macintosh Computers

Macs will connect to our campus network, but you should have Mac OS X or later. We'd also recommend having a G4 or faster processor (all iMacs, iBooks and PowerBooks are fine in this respect). It would also be a good idea to purchase Microsoft Mac Office 2011 for written communications with your professors who use PCs.

Dell Purchase Site

Buy a Dell! Visit the Dell/VWU customer web site and purchase a computer and check your order status.