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Weekend Shuttles

Coastal Virginia has so much to offer VWU students. From the crashing waves of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, to local  shopping opportunities and everything in between, Marlins are getting off campus and taking advantage of a variety of experiences.

To better connect our students to the surrounding area, VWU is happy to provide weekend shuttle transportation during each semester to the Town Center/Pembroke Mall area.

Students MUST register for a weekend shuttle at the Batten Center hub no later than 5pm on Thursdays each week. The shuttle will not run during weekends that the college is officially closed.

Shuttles will depart from and return to campus from the Flag Pole circle at the front of Godwin Hall

Town Center/Pembroke Mall Saturday Runs: The shuttle will drop off and pick up at the Pembroke Mall (Entrance to Coastal Edge Surf Shop).

Weekend shuttles will depart campus at:

  • 12:00pm
  • 3:00pm
  • 6:00pm
  • 8:00pm


  • Shuttles will depart campus from the flag poles at the entrance of Godwin Hall.
  • Riders wishing to return to campus from Town Center/Pembroke Mall should be at the drop-off/pick-up location no later than 20 minutes past the hour.
  • There will be no return shuttles to campus from Town Center after 8:20pm -- return transportation will be the responsibility of the student. VWU students utilize Uber, Lyft, or a variety of local taxi companies.