12th Annual One Love Festival

Saturday, November 4, 2017
1:00-9:30 PM
Virginia Wesleyan University Campus

The One Love Festival grew out of a conversation about world peace following a 9/11 vigil in 2005. It was conceived as a snapshot of what world peace would look like, even if only for one day. Each fall, the festival offers a variety of activities and brings all kinds of different people together to have fun, learn about each other, and stand together for peace.

The 12th annual One Love Festival pays special tribute to retired professor, poet, and peace activist Bob Young who has been a major part of the festival since its inception. As the baton is passed from one generation to the next, the evening concert also pays tribute to Teens with a Purpose, celebrating their dedication to peace and community.

All events are free and open to the public.
For more information, contact the Center of the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan University - call 757.455.3129 or email csrf@vwu.edu.

Presentation sponsored by Pax Christi
1:00-2:20 PM in Monumental Chapel

Overcoming Bias: Building Relationships across Race, Religion, Gender Identity, and other Differences
Matthew Freeman, Author and Founder of TMI Consulting
Presentation sponsored by Bishop Walter F. Sullivan Pax Christi Community of Hampton Roads
Grounded in the Gospel and Catholic social teaching, Pax Christi USA (PCUSA) is a membership organization that rejects war, preparation for war, every form of violence and domination, and personal and systemic racism.

Waging Peace: Beyond Extremism to Our Muslim, American Neighbors 
Town Hall Discussion
2:30–4:00 PM in Boyd Dining Hall

Moderated by Barbara Hamm Lee, Executive Producer & Host of Another View radio program on WHRV 89.5 FM

Too often, extremists from all sides invade our lives with hateful rhetoric and violent actions. For many of us, safety means isolating ourselves from those with whom we disagree or do not understand. At the same time, most sacred texts urge adherents to reach out -- beyond their own faith tradition -- to create community grounded in mutual respect and justice. This town hall discussion focuses on how to wage peace by moving beyond misunderstandings that divide us, and encouraging us to cultivate meaningful relationships across our divides. The town hall discussion is part of the “Race: Let’s Talk About It” initiative launched by WHRO Public Media in 2015 in partnership with the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan University and the Fort Monroe Authority.  The town halls offer safe space for members of the community to have open and honest conversation about important issues related to race. A panel helps to guide the conversation, but the discussion belongs to those in the audience. Please visit whro.org/talkaboutrace to register.

Largest Drum Circle in the World: For Peace and Global Unity starting in Our Own Community
4:00-5:30 PM in the Batten Student Center Marlin Grille

Led by Arthur Lopez, Drum Circle/Rhythm Event Facilitator, Organizer, and Hand Drum Instructor for Drum Your Dream.com

Everyone is invited to share in this global experience! Hand percussion instruments are available, but participants are encouraged to bring their own non-amplified instruments (i.e. flutes, maracas, djembe, congas, bongos, etc.). As the heartbeat of simultaneous drum circles reverberates around the globe, join this fun-filled community drum circle where everyone is welcomed, and no drumming experience is required.

Evening Concert: A Tribute to Bob Young and Teens with a Purpose
7:00-9:30 PM in the Batten Student Center Marlin Grille

Virginia Wesleyan University Gospel Choir is part of Virginia Wesleyan’s Marlin Music Ministry and seeks to invoke the presence of God through song. Passionate about God's presence, they offer their musical gifts and talents unto God during weekly SOAR Worship services on campus, and at other venues in Virginia.

Teens with a Purpose (TWP) is a creative youth development organization serving Coastal Virginia. TWP helps teens to fully discover and optimize their creative talents and prepares young leaders to positively impact their neighbors, classmates and schools, governments, and congregations. TWP performs music, spoken word, dance and poetry.

Nathan Richardson as Frederick Douglas
Poet, author and spoken word performer Nathan M. Richardson captures completely the physical and spiritual essence of the great writer, orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Rick Mateo Band
Studio/session drummer Rick Mateo has worked with CBS/NBC and multiple performers over the last 45 years. He performs with guitarist Brad Rose, Bassist Mario Majors, and multi-talented Charles De Amor Clarke to pay special tribute to retired professor, poet, and peace activist Bob Young.  Bob has had a major influence on the One Love Festival for the past twelve years.