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Meet a Marlin, Brandon Foster

Brandon Foster, Class of 2019

Mathews High School, Mathews, VA
Major: Social Work

Why did you choose Virginia Wesleyan?
I chose Virginia Wesleyan because of the small population, small class sizes, emphasis on me as a person and education and the caring community of Wesleyan.

What campus activities are you involved in or do you plan on being involved in? 
I’m in Student Government Association and Sigma Nu. I’m also a Resident Assistant, Work study at the Library, a Wesleyan Ambassador, and a member of the Freshman Book Selection Committee 

What is your favorite class/professor?
My favorite class has been Calculus II with Dr. Partridge.  She was one of the most caring and understanding professors at Wesleyan. She had a feel as to how students work and who they are.  

What advice would you give to students deciding which college to attend? 
Look at what makes you feel comfortable and what environment best fits you.  Ultimately, your surroundings impact how you do. Take advantages of the opportunities around you because you will never know where that will lead you.  If I hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am today.