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Meet a Marlin, Mickella Rast

Mickella Rast, Class of 2019

Deep Creek High School, Chesapeake, VA
Major(s): English and Communication

Why did you choose Virginia Wesleyan?
I liked the small class sizes and the family-feel it had. I'm really big on family; I have a huge family and we all stay in touch and get together nearly every other week. I like having that support system and I knew going into college I would want to get that same support system there academically. I felt like Virginia Wesleyan already had that in place for me, more so than any other college or university did. 

What campus activities are you involved in or do you plan on being involved in?
I'm the head of the Student Finance committee. I'm a tutor in the Learning Center for both Communication and Organizational Skills. I'm a peer advisor, journalist for the Marlin Chronicle, and a tour guide. I'm also in the Art Club and the Swing Dancing Club. 

What is your favorite class or professor?
My favorite class was English 289: Approaches to Literary Study. It was a super fun class and the professor, Professor Ruh, made it very interactive. As for my favorite professor, I would have to say my two advisors, Dr. Pate and Dr. Minnis. 

What advice would you give to students deciding which college to attend?
Stand on the campus and look around. Imagine yourself there for 4 years. See if you can see yourself happy during your time there or if you could be interactive with the campus around you. Think about if you could get involved in a lot of things. If you look around and you're already kind of bored with the place or you don't think it has much to offer, then it's not the place for you. I did this exact thing when I first came onto campus; I saw people playing ultimate Frisbee, saw others just running around to and from classes, and could smell the cafeteria food and I just knew I would be happy here.