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Ehsan Salek

Ehsan S. Salek .

Professor Emeritus, Management, Business, and Economics

Department/s: Management, Business and Economics

Dr. Salek graduated from National University of Iran with a degree in Economics in 1976, after which he came to the United States to pursue graduate studies in Oklahoma City University (MBA), University of Missouri-Columbia (M.S.), and Nova-Southeastern University-Florida (DBA). After a three-year stint as a manager in banking and hospitality industries, he started teaching in higher education at Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. In 1990 he moved with his family to Virginia and after teaching at St. Paul's College for three years, he joined Virginia Wesleyan College in August 1993. Professor Salek's teaching, research, and consulting interests are in strategic management, human resource management, ethics and workforce diversity. For his first sabbatical in 2000, he served as a faculty intern/consultant to Applied Materials, Inc., the largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker in the world, in Santa Clara, Calif. For his second sabbatical in 2009, Dr. Salek taught and conducted research in Management at the University of Madero in Puebla, Mexico.

Other interests and hobbie: Tennis, Soccer, Backgammon, Scrabble, Crossword puzzles..
Strategic Management, Ethics, Diversity.

Speak Your Truth

Business professor and native Iranian Ehsan Salek encourages self-acceptance; 2014 Alumni Awards are presented at Fall Convocation

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MBE315*60OL Managing Diversity in Orgnztns

MBE400*01 Seminar in Managerial Ethics

MBE406*01 Sr Sem: Management Strategy

MBE406*60HY Sr Sem: Management Strategy


MBE315*60OL Managing Diversity in Orgnztns

MBE400*60OL Seminar in Managerial Ethics


MBE400*02 Seminar in Managerial Ethics

MBE400*60OL Seminar in Managerial Ethics

MBE406*01 Sr Sem: Management Strategy


MBE315*01OL Managing Diversity in Orgnztns