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Linda Ferguson

Linda A. Ferguson

Dean of the Birdsong School of Social Science
Professor of Management, Business, and Economics


B.S., M.Ed., Shippensburg University
Ed.D., The College of William and Mary

Office Location: Batten 231
Phone: 757-455-3368
- Communication
- Management, Business and Economics

A Spirited Look at Persuasion

Dr. Linda Ferguson examines the cultural infusion of the Absolut brand, analyzes influential advertising techniques in VWC course

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MBE316*01 Marketing Principles

MBE348*01 Social Marketing Management

MBE492*90 GS:Cllge Bkstore - Case Study

MBE316*02 TU: Marketing Principles


COMM326*01 Persuasion and the Media

MBE316*01 Marketing Principles

MBE316*02 Marketing Principles

COMM326*02 HNRS:Persuasion and the Media


COMM222*01 Public Speaking