News Briefs


As of April 15, Virginia Wesleyan College now offers Priority Registration to military veterans and active duty service members. Priority Registration provides eligible students first choice of courses, ensuring enrollment in classes that are needed for graduation and allowing more flexibility in scheduling. The early registration benefit will also help School Certifying Officials (SCO) to more quickly process a student’s U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Enrollment Certification, leading to a more timely payment of monthly housing allowance and book stipend from the VA. Virginia Wesleyan SCO and Financial Aid Counselor Melanie Monk hopes Priority Registration will send a message of gratitude to military students: “We want to make sure our veterans are taken care of and that we continue to say thank you for what they’ve done for us.” For more information about Priority Registration, please visit the Registrar's Office or call 757.455.3200. To learn more about the support offered through Virginia Wesleyan’s Veterans Benefits Office, please contact Melanie Monk at 757-455-3207 or