Commencement 2019

News Briefs


VWC Associate Professor of French Dr. Alain Gabon has been selected to participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities summer research seminar in Paris, France, June 4-6. This five-week seminar for college and university teachers and scholars is entitled "France's Haunting Pasts: Debating 20th Century History and French Identity Since 1990" and will explore four critical periods of crisis in French History and how they have shaped French identity and current debates: WWI; WWII, the Vichy Regime and the German occupation; Communist crimes; and the decolonization period and the Algerian War. The seminar is hosted and organized by the Institut d'Histoire du Temps Present, part of the National Center for Scientific Research, France's top multidisciplinary state scientific research institute. The application for the seminar was open to faculty, scholars, and researchers in a variety of disciplines including languages, English, history, post-Colonial studies, and