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Down South, the latest exhibition hosted by VWC’s Neil Britton Gallery, is part of artist Travis Donovan’s investigation into the relationships we share with the objects around us and how they help define our place in the world. On display through April 11, the body of work explores down feathers and their manifestation through products, practices, and folklore of the south. “The examination of the poetic and emotional implications of our material attachments allows us to confront new ideas of intimacy, loss, and authenticity,” the artist says in a statement about the show. Hailing from North Carolina, Donovan apprenticed as a potter with J&S Beaumont Pottery, where he refined his research into ceramics and the relationships between materials, man, and the south. He received the prestigious North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award in 2012 and has since been exhibited nationally. For more information or Neil Britton Gallery hours, visit or contact Curator of Exhibitions John Rudel at 757.455.3257/ More