News Briefs


Passion and preparation led to a first for Virginia Wesleyan students April 13-17, as a team of 20 delegates received Honorable Mention at the 2014 National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference in New York City. Under the guidance of VWC Assistant Professor of Political Science Aubrey Westfall, the College’s Sierra Leone delegation was represented in 10 committees with eight sessions each throughout the five-day simulation of the procedures and practices of the United Nations. Following the conclusion of sessions, highly-trained NMUN volunteer staff evaluated the extent to which the students remained in character, participated in committees, and properly used the rules and procedures. They then recommended 10 percent of the delegations in their respective committees for awards; VWC students needed approximately 20 votes over the course of the week to receive honorable mention. “This is the first time a team from VWC has received one of the team awards in New York, the largest and most rigorous international conference,” says Westfall. “It is a wonderful testament to the team's preparation, made possible by the new 4-credit ‘Model United Nations’ course.” Student participants included: Brittany Anning; Josh Beatty; Mindy Bertram; Aoife Branco; Joseph DelPo; Sheryl Ferrell; Nicholas Hampe; Owen James; Jessica Mackey (head delegate); Mariarosa Marinelli; Robert McComb; Andrew Petrey; Sarah Pullen; Sarah Pybus-Elmore; Emily Randazzo; Daniella St. George; Katie Stefano; Alexis Turner-Lafving; Kyle Wimbrough; and Kevin Wolfe. For more information, contact Aubrey Westfall at 757.233.8806 or More