News Briefs


Filmmaker and VWC Associate Professor of Communication Stu Minnis will make the theatrical premiere of his documentary short, The Old World: Mistaken Point and the Ediacaran Fossils of Newfoundland, on Oct. 1 at Naro Cinema (1507 Colley Ave., Norfolk). The nine-minute documentary tells the story of the Ediacaran fossils at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland. The Ediacaran Period immediately predates the Cambrian explosion and constitutes the beginning of large-scale multicellular life on Earth. Minnis, who teaches video production and film and media studies, made the film as the result of a Batten Professorship, a three-year designation that includes an annual stipend for research or special projects. He traveled to Newfoundland in May 2012 and spent a little over a week interviewing experts and filming at several sites. “I’ve always been interested in geology and paleontology,” Minnis says. “When I got the Batten grant my first thought was that I wanted to travel and make a film. Then when I researched this topic, I found that there wasn’t really any significant film work on it.” The documentary will accompany a screening of the 90-minute film Expedition to the End of the World and the evening will conclude with a post-film discussion with Minnis and Victoria Hill, a research professor with Old Dominion University’s Department of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. For more information, visit