News Briefs


Five Virginia Wesleyan students will debate a topic close to home Feb. 8-9 as they argue issues relating to “Ethics and the Family” at the statewide collegiate Ethics Bowl, sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges (VFIC) and Wells Fargo. Held on the campus of Marymount University, VWC students will take a stand against 13 other highly qualified teams from independent colleges and universities across Virginia, debating a variety of case studies highlighting potential ethical dilemmas in family relationships. This year’s Wesleyan team members are juniors Jodi Chang, Will Edmundson, Gracie Gustin, Marlan Hare and Kaitlynn Perez. To help prepare for the event, the students participated in a Feb. 5 debate organized by VWC’s Center for the Study of Religious Freedom. The program, titled “Ethics and the Family: Same-sex Marriage & Adoption, Blood Transfusions, and Abortion: What is the Family’s Role?”, presented the team with a specific religious freedom case to argue and also gave audience members an opportunity to interact, critique and discuss. The Ethics Bowl was established by the VFIC as a means of engaging students with complex ethical dilemmas based on studies of real-world cases. Students, faculty members, and distinguished professionals judge and moderate the event, placing priority on personal ethics in the workplace and the classroom. Virginia Wesleyan won the first-ever Ethics Bowl, held in 2000 at the University of Richmond. The College hosted the event in 2005 and 2011, and VWC’s Ethics Bowl Team placed as runner up in 2014. For additional information about the VFIC Ethics Program, visit