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When graduate students from Old Dominion University’s environmental engineering program needed outdoor space to house their weather station, classmate and VWC alumna Amanda (Ford) Kennedy ’09 knew just where to put it. Having spent her undergraduate years on 300 acres of open green landscape and a population of budding earth and environmental scientists, she knew Virginia Wesleyan was the perfect fit. On April 16, VWC students helped install the weather station on campus with instruction from Xixi Wang, ODU associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and Elizabeth Malcolm, VWC associate professor of ocean and atmospheric sciences. The station is situated on the east side of campus in between the Trinder Center and the baseball and softball fields. It will remain at VWC for three years, collecting data for meteorology and climate research. VWC students will help collect and review the data, which ODU graduate students will use to assess local effects of climate change. This is the second weather station to be housed at VWC—the first is located on the roof of Blocker Hall and is used by Elizabeth Malcolm’s students for air pollution studies and meteorology research projects. Both stations provide lasting benefits for VWC students, says Malcolm: “It’s part of the research training that we provide for our students, and it will help them if they go on to graduate school and in their careers. It’s another opportunity for them to learn about scientific research and actually get hands-on experience.” The weather station represents VWC's ongoing collaborative relationship with Old Dominion University. In 2012, the College launched its Engineering Dual-Degree Program, giving students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Science from Wesleyan and a master's degree from ODU in civil, environmental, mechanical, electrical, computer, or aerospace engineering in just five years. For more information, contact Elizabeth Malcolm at 757.233.8751 or View Photo