News Briefs


Virginia Wesleyan College President Scott D. Miller announced Jan. 12 that he has signed the 30th Anniversary Action Statement for Campus Compact, a national coalition of nearly 1,100 colleges and universities dedicated to campus-based civic engagement. The Action Statement asks member presidents to get specific about the steps they will take to build on existing engagement efforts and to develop a Campus Civic Action Plan that crystallizes their commitments. By becoming a signatory, Dr. Miller has committed to developing an action plan for Virginia Wesleyan within one year. “I welcome your feedback on how we may best create a Civic Action Plan consistent with Virginia Wesleyan College's history, traditions, values, and strategic priorities,” he told the VWC community in a campus-wide email. Miller said the plan will be shared publicly, as will the assessments of the progress in achieving the College’s goals. Prior to his arrival at Virginia Wesleyan in July 2015, President Miller served as the state-wide chair of West Virginia’s Campus Compact.