Commencement 2019

News Briefs


"For most campuses, the arrival of a new president—especially one hired to be a change agent—ushers in a period of significant adjustment…For the new president and his or her spouse, the changes are no less dramatic, although they are often unseen by the wider campus community." These are the opening sentiments of Virginia Wesleyan College President Scott D. Miller in his new Inside Higher Ed column, "Surviving a Presidential Transition." The essay, published Feb. 10, offers career advice to incoming presidents on how to make their move a bit smoother. It touches on arrival timelines, contractual details, the value of transitional staff, meeting spousal needs, getting to know your new institution, expecting the unexpected, and more. Dr. Miller became the fourth president of Virginia Wesleyan College in July 2015. Previously, he served as president at Bethany College (2007-2015), Wesley College (1997-2007), and, for a time, he was one of the nation’s youngest college presidents at Lincoln Memorial University (1991-1997). He brings to Virginia Wesleyan a lifetime of commitment to the values of a residential, liberal arts campus, with an emphasis on teaching, service, student-faculty engagement, and lifelong learning.