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News Briefs


Accomplishments were in abundance April 22 as the work of many Virginia Wesleyan faculty, adjunct professors, librarians, and staff was displayed in Hofheimer Library as part of the annual "Feathers in Your Cap” showcase event. The exhibition included achievements from the past year, including books and professional publications, grants, and recognition of faculty who received tenure and/or promotions. “During the chaotic end of the year, Feathers in Your Cap offers a much needed pause to look back on previous accomplishments and get inspired,” says Research Librarian Jenny Erdmann, who helped coordinate the event. “Scholarship comes in many forms, and seeing the work of our faculty and staff assembled into spectacular ‘plumage’ is really special.” The showcase included works from: Kevin Adams, the late Tina Aldrich, Soraya Bartol, Thomas Brown, Kathleen Casey, Leslie Caughell, Patty Clark, Annette Clayton, Steven Emmanuel, Jenny Erdmann, Sue Erickson, Paul Ewell, Hilve Firek, Alain Gabon, Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson, Phil Guilfoyle, Ben Haller, Stephen Hock, Kellie Holzer, Eric Johnson, Doug Kennedy, Kevin Kittredge, Susan Larkin, Stephen Leist, Terry Lindvall, Lisa Lyon Payne, Audrey Malagon, Elizabeth Malcolm, Travis Malone, Alison Marganski, Kathy Merlock Jackson, Taryn Myers, Garry Noe, Wayne Pollock, Randi Sachs, Maynard Schaus, Sara Sewell, Kathy Stolley, Jill Sturts, Sharon Swift, Vivian Teter, Victor Townsend, Susan Wansink, and Tripp York. The event was sponsored by the College’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning.