News Briefs


Virginia Wesleyan College President Scott D. Miller has been named to the Board of Directors of Virginia Beach Vision, an organization led by area business and civic leaders who are dedicated to helping to shape the future of Virginia Beach and the Coastal Virginia/Hampton Roads community. Virginia Beach Vision was founded in 1993 by area leaders who saw the need for a non-partisan, issue-oriented group committed to advancing the region’s future development, prosperity and quality of life. Since then, board membership has grown to approximately 120 CEO- and senior-level business, civic and education leaders with a significant business presence in Virginia Beach. The organization is modeled after similar groups across the country in cities such as Baltimore, Cleveland and Nashville, who are similarly dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life of their localities. Locally, the Greater Norfolk Corporation, the Chesapeake Alliance, and the Portsmouth Partnership are all of similar structure and purpose. Working together with regional partners, these organizations have built an informal alliance to pursue regional initiatives of mutual benefit to their respective communities. Key issue areas where Virginia Beach Vision is currently engaged include the five-year update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan; regional transportation planning and project prioritization; facilitation of infrastructure necessary to support economic diversification; financing opportunities to support development of key projects such as an entertainment arena; extension of the light rail system; public art and cultural development; supportive new business development services; and passenger rail connections to Richmond, D.C. and beyond. Once the board has researched and analyzed an initiative or issue, principally through the use of issue specific task forces, it adopts a position and engages decision makers at the local, state or federal level to facilitate implementation. Dr. Miller will serve on the Business Development and Resort Development task forces. Dr. Miller is in his second year as President of Virginia Wesleyan College. He is a former President of Bethany College (2007-15), Wesley College (1997-2007), and Lincoln Memorial University (1991-97). PHOTO: President Miller (right) met July 21 with Martha McClees (left), Executive Director of Virginia Beach Vision, and Donald Crigger (middle), Executive Vice President of CBRE, to discuss Virginia Beach Vision and the Virginia Beach Light Rail initiative.