News Briefs


You’ve heard of TED Talks. Now get ready for VWTalks. Students in Virginia Wesleyan’s Honors & Scholars Association have started this new program in which scholars will present on a topic of interest and then facilitate a discussion with the audience. The first event, a presentation by Darlene Flucker '18 on Modern Feminism and the Media, was held on October 26. The second event, titled It’s a Bee-autiful World! and discussion facilitated by Collette Vauthier ’17, takes place in Pearce Hospitality Suite on November 9 at 6 p.m. Vauthier is an Honors & Scholars student and has been involved with VWC’s beekeeping program. (Read more about endangered bees and beekeeping at VWC). The idea for VWTalks was student-generated and is being organized by Honors & Scholars Association President Zoe Traficante. “I came up with the idea after I watched the TED Talk about the Lollipop Moment,” says Traficante. “It really impacted everyone in the room and I wanted to try to bring something like that to VWC.” The Honors and Scholars Program at Virginia Wesleyan College encourages campus-wide scholarship and academic excellence.