News Briefs


The recycling race is on this spring as the Virginia Wesleyan community once again participates in RecycleMania, an eight-week collegiate tournament, running February 5 to April 1, in which hundreds of college and university communities across the United States and Canada compete to collect the largest amount of recyclables and the least amount of trash. In week three of the competition, Virginia Wesleyan was ranked No. 1 in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference for pounds recycled per capita. To date, the College has a cumulative greenhouse gas reduction of 38 metric tons of CO2 equivalent—which equals seven cars off the road or the energy consumption of three households. The effort is being led by members of Marlins Go Green including VWC senior Zack Drake, as well as Director of Community Service Diane Hotaling. Virginia Wesleyan students, faculty and staff continue to demonstrate their dedication to a greener campus and a greener world. Learn more about Virginia Wesleyan's recycling efforts.