Commencement 2019

News Briefs


Provost and Vice President Timothy O’Rourke has announced the selection of a new group of Batten Professors, who will enjoy the designation and the corresponding financial support for their professional vitality for a three-year period, 2017-18 through 2019-20. Initiated in 2004, the Batten Professorship is an award for faculty excellence in teaching and scholarship, community contributions, and passion for inspiring excellence in others.  For three academic years, recipients carry the title and are entitled to special development funding.

The new 2017 – 2020 recipients, chosen by the school deans, are:


Dr. Thomas Brown, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Dr. Audrey Malagon, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mr. Gavin Pate, Associate Professor English

Dr. Lisa Lyon Payne, Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Sally Shedd, Professor of Theatre

The new Batten Professors join the following active designees:


Dr. Benjamin Dobrin, Batten Professor of Social Work

Dr. Rebecca Hooker, Batten Professor of English

Dr. Maury Howard, Batten Associate Professor of Chemistry


Dr. Paul Ewell, Batten Associate Professor of Management, Business and Economics

Dr. Kevin Kittredge, Batten Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Taryn Myers, Batten Associate Professor of Psychology

Ms. Sharon Swift, Batten Professor of Art

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