News Briefs


Establishment of University College of VWU

President Miller has announced the establishment of University College of Virginia Wesleyan University. University College operates all for-credit programs outside of the traditional undergraduate program and also supports non-credit, continuing-education offerings.  Programs include VWU Online, Evening and Weekend, Advanced Scholars, Early Enrollment, Dual Credit, the Robert F. Boyd Institute, the American Culture and Tourism Management Internship Program at Busch Gardens, the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom, the Center for Sacred Music, the Lifelong Learning Institute with Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay, and opportunities through the VFIC Language Exchange and the Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education. University College will be an important source of enrollment, will expand VWU’s presence in the higher-education market, and will coordinate planning and promotion of future educational opportunities in the increasingly popular non-traditional market. It will not be an auxiliary enterprise; rather, it will be a fully integrated unit of VWU’s curriculum. For more information, visit