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Virginia Wesleyan University has been selected by the PepsiCo Recycling Zero Impact Fund program to receive funding for two solar-powered umbrellas and two human-powered desk bicycles that will function on campus as sustainable cell-phone charging stations for students. The umbrellas and bicycles are expected to arrive this summer and will be situated in and around the Greer Environmental Sciences Center. The GESC already contains a number of specific elements designed to engage students in the natural environment and sustainable forms of technology. These include solar panels, a green roof, constructed wetlands, geothermal wells, LED lighting, a building dashboard, and more. The charging stations will provide an engaging way for students to apply sustainable technologies to something that is of interest to them—their cell phones and other mobile devices. Associate Provost and Professor of Biology Maynard Schaus pursued this engaging and cost-effective sustainability effort for the VWU campus. Schaus is featured along with Katrina Henry, assistant professor of physics and earth and environmental sciences, in a recent Inside Business article about the award.