Commencement 2019

News Briefs


A new Bob Marlin mascot may be reeling in the VWC crowd next fall if all goes as planned for students in the Management II class taught by Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies Dr. Douglas Kennedy. A student-led project is underway to design and fund a replacement for the College’s current mascot, designed in 2003 by students in a former Recreation & Leisure Studies course. The new class has been working closely with mascot-design company BAM! to develop an improved model boasting larger muscles, a brighter complexion, and interchangeable clothing. Wearing the costume will become more comfortable with the help of a shorter beak, better fin placement, and an improved ventilation system. The group is hoping to fund a majority of the $5,400 project through the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, offering donation incentives such as an autographed photo from Bob Marlin, VWC apparel, and personal recognition at a College basketball game. Additional fundraising events will be held throughout April and May. Student team members describe the need for a new Bob Marlin on their Indiegogo campaign page: “As much as we love our current mascot…it's time for us to move on to the next generation. School spirit is really big here and having a mascot that we all know and love helps build support at all of our school events.” If you’d like to become a part of Bob Marlin history, visit Indiegogo to make a donation. For additional information or a schedule of additional fundraising events, contact Doug Kennedy at 757.455.3305 or More