General Information

The philosophy of the Jane P. Batten Student Center


The mission of the Jane P. Batten Student Center is to create opportunities for students to learn about and participate in a vast array of extracurricular and recreational activities. We strive to foster student leadership, healthy lifestyle choices and student involvement in program planning.

The Batten Student Center has been designed for the students to be primary users, especially for leisure times, student activities, and athletic competition. The Batten Center's staff will develop an atmosphere that promotes healthy interaction between various groups using the facility. Numerous sports related programs will be developed for campus wide recreational activities, lifetime sports, clinics and workshops.

The Batten Student Center will provide a comfortable atmosphere and serve as the host site for indoor varsity sports and tournaments. Other constituent groups and programs may be hosted as long as the philosophy and purpose of the Batten Student Center is not violated at any time.

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Using the Facilities

To use the Batten Student Center you will be required to check in at the HUB (the main desk by the Climbing Wall) with a valid VWU issued ID card. A pass corresponding to the facility you would be using will be given to you upon leaving your VWU ID card with the HUB staff. Your ID will be given back to you when the pass is returned. You may use the facilities in Batten Student Center if you are:

  • a registered VWU student
  • active faculty, staff, board of trustee member and immediate family
  • retired faculty, staff and immediate family
  • alumni


A guest is an individual who is not a student, faculty or staff. Guests are allowed to use the Batten Center when accompanied by an eligible user (their host). All guests are the responsibility of the VWU host at all times. All guests must register at the HUB upon entering the building. Guests must be accompanied by the host at all times within the facility. An eligible host is one of the following:

  • a full time VWU student
  • faculty or staff and their spouse or dependents 17 years of age and older

Only one guest per host is allowed upon each visit, unless previous authorization has been approved.

ID Cards


Current students must have a valid VWU issued ID card to use the Batten Student Center.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff cards for immediate family members or one significant other are available by going to the Business Office. The fee is $5 for each card. Once the emergency contact form and fee are completed in the Business Office, the ID will be issued in Campus Security.

Children of faculty and staff:

  • Dependent children under the age of 17 do not need an ID because they must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times they are in the Batten Student Center. If you have children that are in need of a "family bathroom" type facility, you may use the women's referee locker room.
  • Dependent children age 17 to 21 may come to the Batten Student Center without their parent or guardian, but must have an ID to do so. They may not bring guests.
  • If you have adult children who would like to enjoy the Batten Student Center, they may do so with you on a guest registration pass filled out at the HUB, at the time of their visit(s).


  • No smoking or chewing tobacco is permitted in or around the Batten Student Center at any time.
  • No food, drinks, or chewing gum are permitted in the Natatorium. Chewing gum and food are not allowed in the fitness area, the CMAC, the Convocation Center, the track or the aerobics room.
  • All injuries are to be immediately reported to the Batten Student Center staff.
  • VWU and the Batten Student Center staff are not liable for accidents or injuries due to the use of the Batten Student Center or equipment in the facility.
  • No bicycles, roller blades, or skateboards are permitted in the facility. Roller blades may be used in the CMAC when appropriate.