Shelter Documentary

Winter Shelter, On Campus

"Winter Shelter, On Campus: College Students Encounter Homelessness at Home," a 2014 documentary directed by VWU Associate Professor of Communication Stu Minnis and Wesleyan Engaged, captures the unique relationship between college students and the homeless, showcasing a long-standing college-community partnership with positive outcomes. It is the hope of the filmmakers that other colleges and universities will consider adopting a similar program.

Since 2007, Virginia Wesleyan has partnered with Portsmouth Volunteers for the Homeless (PVH) to provide emergency shelter to the city's adult men and women who are experiencing housing insecurity. In that time, PVH has helped in excess of 288 guests attain permanent or transitional housing and more than 1200 VWU students, staff, faculty, and alumni volunteers see the condition of homelessness differently.