Outdoor Achievement Center

Virginia Wesleyan University's Outdoor Achievement Center


Low and High Ropes Courses

Certified group facilitators will work closely with all groups visiting Virginia Wesleyan's Outdoor Achievement Center. These facilitators are trained to consider all participants' abilities and plan the activity's that best meet their needs. The group size, number of participants, age range, activity duration, and goals of the group vary between elements. These aspects are taken into consideration by the leader when planning your experience.

Facilitators follow the philosophy of Challenge by Choice which enables participants to decide their own level of involvement with each activity. Facilitators are encouraging; however, participants can decide the type and level of involvement that is most appropriate for their needs. This philosophy allows all participants to be involved but at their own pace and in their own way.

supportFollowing each activity, instructors will lead participants in a debriefing to reflect on the activity. This debriefing will focus participants on the experience and their reflection that makes clear the benefits of their participation.

For more information about the Outdoor Achievement Center, contact:
Dr. Doug Kennedy
5817 Wesleyan Drive
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Office- 757.455.3305
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