Low Course Elements


"Never neglect an opportunity for improvement"
- Sir William Jones

Virginia Wesleyan's Outdoor Achievement Center is made up of 11 different low elements. The low elements are ground based and consist of different imaginary and real obstacles with the purpose of challenging groups and individuals to work together as a team to complete specific tasks. The low ropes course is a series of initiatives or physical structures focused on problem-solving and designed with team-building in mind. Many elements are spotted (using team members as guides) and require the group members to cooperate in order to solve the problem, accomplish the group initiative, or to provide safety to each other. Low ropes courses are constructed of wood, cable, and metal hardware, and can be built on trees, utility poles, and/or metal structures.

giantsFinger giantsFinger2

Giants Finger

Giants finger simulates the concept of slipping a ring on to a finger. Proper planning, safety and spotting must be implemented in order to ensure success.



Islands is a popular element that requires the entire group to randomly step on to the first and largest platform. Once the group is comfortably on the first platform, they will then have to stay on the platform without touching the ground. Islands is most widely known for its emphasis on communication and teamwork.


Maze provides numerous challenges for a variety of ages and abilities. This element is perfect for blindfolded activities that engage participants to navigate through a maze of ropes.

Mohawk Walk

The Mohawk Walk is series of stump like logs positioned in the ground, typically in a zig-zag pattern. The group must create a strategy, assign roles, work as a team, and assess progress throughout the entire activity.


Nitro Crossing

Nitro Crossing requires participants to create a strategy in order to complete the element successfully. Teamwork is needed to help each participant begin and complete each task.


Spider Web

The Spider Web is a popular low course element that is constructed between four trees. The group must create a plan that takes into account participants physical strengths for spotting and lifting other participants.


Swinging Log

The Swinging Log is a low course element that is constructed between two trees. A log is suspended with cables between trees, making it very difficult to stand or sit on. Objectives include performing various group balancing tasks on top of the log.


TP Shuffle

The purpose of the TP Shuffle is to have the entire group randomly form a horizontal line on the log. The aim of TP Shuffle is for all participants to stay on the log at all times while moving to different positions. Many twists can be added to the activity to make the task more difficult.


Up and Over Wall

This is a team building activity that will help the group discover different strategies to use in order to complete the task. This activity also emphasizes effective communication amongst the group members and also builds trust between them.


Whale Watch

The Whale Watch is a group activity where participants are asked to complete different series of tasks while balancing on a large wooden platform that balances on a wooden beam. The group will have to devise a strategy to make sure that neither side of the platform ends up dipping towards and touching the ground.


Wild Woozy

The Wilde Woozy is a partner activity that requires trust in your partner as well as good balance. Choosing a partner in your height range will allow you to realize the best results.