Residence Life

Living on campus is about comfort, convenience and community.


Five minutes. That's probably the longest it will take you to get to class from where you live on campus at Virginia Wesleyan University. That's because our campus buildings are centralized for convenience, allowing students the flexibility to schedule classes back-to-back and chat on the sidewalks with professors and friends. Whatever type of housing you're looking for – from community living, single rooms, suites with kitchens, to apartment or townhouse-style living, Virginia Wesleyan has a range of lifestyle options to fit your needs

All students are guaranteed campus-affiliated housing during their stay at the University. Virginia Wesleyan also has a residential requirement, encouraging students to make the most of their undergraduate experience by living on campus.*

Whatever you choose, Virginia Wesleyan is more than just a place to stay – it's your home away from home.

* Exceptions to the residential requirement are granted to students who live at home with a parent; are married; and/or are carrying less than a full course load. Students who have been residents of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia for the year prior to applying to the University have the option to commute.


Next Steps

Make Virginia Wesleyan your home away from home.

There are countless benefits to living on campus. With 67 percent of our students residing on campus, one of the real advantages of Virginia Wesleyan is being part of a community. If you haven't already done so, tour our campus and explore the variety of housing options. Campus tours are conveniently offered throughout the year and can be scheduled with our Admissions Office. Overnight visits can also be arranged during the school year for students who have been accepted to the University.

Freshman Housing

Just follow the steps below to begin the housing process:

1. Upon paying your deposit to Virginia Wesleyan, complete the questionnaire on the new student online enrollment site.

2. Freshmen will be notified of their housing/roommate assignment in August.