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About VWU

President to President

For over a decade, Virginia Wesleyan University President Scott D. Miller and his long-time consulting and publishing colleague, Marylouise Fennell, Senior Counsel at the Council of Independent Colleges, have served as executive editors of a popular, internationally distributed higher education thought leadership series written by college presidents for college presidents. Originally titled "Presidential Perspectives," the series transitioned to its new name, "President to President" in 2016.

How Disruptive Innovation is Shaping the Next-Gen Campus and Enabling Student Success

Chapter 4: Agility in Higher Education: Key to Synchronizing Student-Centered Advocacy and Public Policy Engagement
Chapter 3: Stages of Transformation: Threading the Needle

Chapter 2: Disrupting the Kitchen-Table Decision: One College's Innovation to Change the Risk Calculus
Chapter 1: Engineering a 21st Century Higher Educational Model: Guidelines for Leading the Work
2017-18 Series Foreword

Integrated Approaches to Student Living and Campus Housing--Enhancing Quality of Life and Performance

Chapter 10: Pathways to Success: Easing the Transition to Four-Year Universities with Comprehensive Guidance and Institutional Support
Chapter 9: Taking Action to Overcome Institutional Betrayal on College Campuses
Chapter 8: The Commons Concept: Building Dynamic Living and Learning Environments through Integrated Design
Chapter 7: Pathways for Success: From Pre-College to Campus Life
Chapter 6: The Inclusive Campus: Leading from Within
Chapter 5: Lessons in Leadership: How a Silent Student Protest Inculcated University Values
Chapter 4: The StepUP Program at Augsburg: Overcoming the Stigma of Addiction on a University Campus
Chapter 3: After Katrina: Rebuilding a Residence Life Program
Chapter 2: The Role of the University in Promoting Community Resiliency
Chapter 1: Designing for Integrative Learning
2016-17 Series Foreword