Global Scholars' Blogs

Follow Virginia Wesleyan students who are currently studying abroad.

Current Global Scholars

Brooke Adamcheck '19

Selena Chambers ‘19
Business and International Studies

Amman, Jordan
School for International Training (SIT)
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Alex Cortright '19

Danielle Gagnon ‘20

Düsseldorf, Germany
Goethe Institut
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Julia Downing '19

Nicole Holmes '19

Panama City, Panama
School for International Training (SIT)
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Melissa Fisher '19

Valerie Miller '19

Tokyo, Japan
Rikkyo University
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Caleb Mercer at the Iwashimizu Hachimangu in Kyoto, Japan, September 2, 2017. Photograph by Tashihikosan.

Kristina Sabelstrom '19
Hispanic Studies and Political Science

Buenos Aires, Argentina
University of Belgrano with CEA Study Abroad
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Anne Marie Moffett '19

Xavier Turner '19
Hispanic Studies and International Studies

San Jose, Costa Rica
Veritas University with CEA Study Abroad
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Emily Taylor '19

Spencer Valenti '20
Recreation & Leisure Studies

Wellington, New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington with International Studies Abroad (ISA)
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