Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics is the language of the sciences and the analytical tool of many disciplines. In its own right, mathematics is one of the finest inventions of civilization, demanding both creativity and rigor. Its inherent beauty, its search for pattern, and its ability to provide a language through which the natural world can be described are examples of its power.

The mission of the Mathematics and Computer Science department is to provide an opportunity for all students to gain computational dexterity, to understand the value of mathematics as a human and social endeavor, and to develop the power of mathematical reasoning, while promoting the rigorous reasoning skills that allow students to investigate the interplay between the abstract and the concrete. The mission of the department with respect to computer science is to provide basic instruction in end-user skills for all students and in-depth instruction in theory and applications for computer science majors.

The department has two majors: mathematics and computer science. The mathematics major offers the choice between a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree. The computer science major offers a choice between a degree with a theoretical concentration and a degree with a concentration in computer information systems.

The department, in conjunction with the VWU Education Department, offers four-year programs which meet the Virginia DOE competencies for teacher certification at the middle school and secondary levels.

Major(s): Mathematics, Computer Science
Minor(s): Mathematics, Computer Science

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