The Batten Honors College at Virginia Wesleyan

Photos from the Batten Honors College Competition held February 8-10 and 15-17, 2018:
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A passion for education, a career in business leadership, and a lifetime of philanthropic devotion combine to create The Batten Honors College at Virginia Wesleyan. Gratefully named for Trustee Emerita and dedicated friends of the institution Jane P. and Frank Batten, Sr., the Honors College celebrates the unique and vibrant intellectual journeys of selected students. Benefiting from small-class, personalized instruction and especially vigorous faculty-student interaction, The Batten Honors College will serve the special academic aspirations of students.  Establishment of the Honors College coincides with academic innovation, construction of a new state-of-the-art environmental sciences center, and increased regional and national outreach at Virginia Wesleyan.  All students at the institution will benefit from these and other initiatives. Through an undertaking of a joyful and rigorous course of reading, analysis, and conversation, students at The Batten Honors College who bring a common passion for learning will have special opportunities to pursue individual excellence.


The Batten Honors College at Virginia Wesleyan inspires, engages, and prepares academically talented students to become leaders, environmental stewards, and impactful citizens in the global community.


The Batten Honors College at Virginia Wesleyan provides a transformative experience for high-achieving students and equips them with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of an ethical, thoughtful, and influential global citizen who understands the interdependence of society, culture, and the environment.