Frequently Asked Questions

As a recipient of the Batten Presidential Scholarship, students are guaranteed full tuition for all 4 years at Virginia Wesleyan University, provided they maintain good academic standing, and are required to live in the Honors Village for their 4 years at VWU.  

As a recipient of the Batten Dean’s Scholarship, students are guaranteed nearly three-quarters of tuition for all 4 years at Virginia Wesleyan, provided they maintain good academic standing, and are required to live in the Honors Village for a minimum of their first two years at VWU.

For both scholarships, the cost of Room and Board, and any Fees are not covered by the scholarship and therefore are the responsibility of the student. 

Yes! Students are eligible for need-based financial aid based on their family’s income. To apply for financial aid you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are admitted into the Batten Honors College, you will receive a financial aid package that will incorporate your honors college scholarship.

Yes, you can use your Virginia529 plan at Virginia Wesleyan. To understand how to best use your plan, please contact Financial Aid.

No. Scholarships have a fixed value, as noted above. Since we commit to renewing your scholarship for a total of eight semesters, we do not re-evaluate scholarships once you have enrolled. The scholarship is renewable until graduation requirements are met, not to exceed four consecutive years, assuming full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress. Students can lose their scholarships if they are found not to be in good standing with the Honors College.

Yes. The Batten Honors College Admission Committee will review applications to determine which applicants will be invited to compete for a seat in the Honors College. The Scholarship Competition will include a one-on-one meeting with a professor, a group interview with the admission committee, and a teamwork activity. The competitions will be held in November, February, and March. If a student is invited to compete, he/she will be given the choice to attend any of the dates depending on availability.
Learn more about the admission process.

Scholars will participate in a transformative global engagement opportunity. Scholars investigate concepts, issues, and ideas relevant to the culture and travel destination(s) in an integrated academic journey that includes engagement in a service or research project that addresses the particular need(s) of that community and involves interaction with representative community members, constituencies, and agencies.

Yes – the Batten Honors College is a residential program, therefore students are required to live on campus for all four years.  Students receiving a full tuition scholarship are expected to reside in the Honors Village for all four years, while students who receive other scholarship levels will live in the Honors Village for at least their first two years. Students who are not guaranteed Honors Village housing may apply to live in honors village or elsewhere on campus. All placements in and outside of the honors village are made by the Office of Residence Life.  

Honors Village is meant for students in the Batten Honors College. Comprised of six different buildings, each Honors Village townhouse houses five students and consists of three single rooms, one double room, two full baths, a fully-equipped kitchen, living room area, and essential furniture. Ample parking is located nearby.

No – because much of the Honors curriculum is front-loaded into the first two years of the program, it is impossible for transfer students to fulfill the Honors requirements.  At this time, only first-year students are able to apply to the Batten Honors College.

Batten Honors College students represent most (if not all) of Virginia Wesleyan University’s majors.  The Honors curriculum is compatible with all the majors, except Nursing, and students work with an advisor to make sure they take appropriate classes to meet major requirements. Those interested in pursuing a career in Nursing may explore other potential pathways at VWU to achieve their goal. Many BHC students will double major and/or minor to cover diverse interests and experiences.  In addition, many students arrive at Virginia Wesleyan University with college credits from Advanced Placement, IB, and Dual Enrollment course work, which allows them more flexibility within their major and the Honors College.

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