BHC Spotlight: Destiny Kinka '22

Major/Minor: Hispanic Studies & Religious Studies
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Destiny Kinka

Why did you choose the Batten Honors College?
I chose the Batten Honors College because I could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of a community that I could live and learn with. I was in search of a place where I would be surrounded by students who also want to excel academically, and I found just that. Being a part of the BHC has been an amazing experience. I greatly enjoy my time in our honors courses that we take with our Cohort each semester. The interdisciplinary aspect of the courses has proven to be invaluable in opening my eyes to new perspectives, as well as passions that I did not know I had.

What benefits have you gained from the BHC?
At the conclusion of my first semester at VWU, I had the chance to study abroad during Winter Session for two weeks in Yucatan, Mexico with the BHC.  The Batten Honors College has also fostered exceptional community among students, not only those in my Cohort, but between the current two Cohorts. The events and opportunities that are coordinated and offered for us are outstanding and have added greatly to the sense of community and family among the BHC.

Highlight a specific research, internship, and/or study abroad experience.
During Spring Break in 2019, I was able to join a group of students, faculty, and alumni from VWU on a service trip to Arecibo, Puerto Rico. We partnered with the United Methodist Church, as well as the United Methodist Committee on Relief, to assist the ongoing efforts of the United Methodist Church to rebuild and restore homes and communities. We spent our time reconstructing the homes of two individuals, thus making a small impact in an area of great need. This experience taught me a lot about service, gratitude, humility, and community. One of my future aspirations is to utilize Spanish in a meaningful way to serve Spanish speaking communities, likely through some type of ministry. This trip opened my eyes to the endless opportunities available to love and serve people through the use of the Spanish language.

How did the BHC curriculum or program prepare you for this experience?
The Batten Honors College prepared me very well for both my study away course in Mexico and the service trip to Puerto Rico by encouraging me to extend my learning beyond the classroom. As a member of the BHC, I am asked to complete 2 of the 3 following experiences: internship, study abroad, or research. Each of these experiences will serve as a way to enhance my knowledge and to discover more about myself, my passions, and the world. My knowledge and understanding of different cultures, people, language, faiths, and more were greatly enhanced as a result of my time abroad.

What are you involved with on campus at VWU?

  • Women’s Cross Country
  • Women’s Track & Field
  • University Prayer Team
  • Marlin Ministries (Soul Group Leader; Lead Team)
  • Volunteer Mentor at Tidewater Collegiate Academy
  • Volunteer Young Life leader at a local high school

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Facebook: Destiny Kinka