BHC Spotlights

Skylar Mao '21

Hispanic Studies with a minor in Business
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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Matthew Bavuso '21

Biology with a minor in Chemistry
Lancaster, VA

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Lindsay White '22

Mathematics (BS) & Pre-Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) with ODU
Phoenixville, PA

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Kitana Finley '21

Chemistry & Mathematics (BS)
Fredericksburg, VA

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Kayleen Meinen '21

Earth & Environmental Sciences with a minor in Environmental Studies
Virginia Beach, VA

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Jenna Whitener '21

English & History with a minor in Psychology
Clemmons, NC

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Hailey Schumacher '22

Music with a concentration in composition & Classical Studies Major
Flanders, NJ

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Ebonie Johnson '20

Richmond, VA

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Divinity Richardson '23

Earth and Environmental Science
Chesapeake, VA

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Dalton Powers '21

Business (BA) with a focus in Accounting
Chesterfield, VA

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Connor Merk '23

Political Science & Business with a minor in Communication
Stafford, VA

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Brandon Kwon '23

Math (BS) with Pre-Engineering Focus
Fredericksburg, VA

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Anitra Howard '21

Political Science with a minor in History
Riverdale, MD

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Alexander J. Leonard '21

Earth and Environmental Science (BS)
Apex, NC

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Asha Richards '21

International Studies & Political Science
Silver Spring, MD

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Sophie Gonzales '21

Environmental Studies & Communication
Virginia Beach, VA

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Audrey Bally '21

Mathematics & Political Science
Nice, France

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Alex Powers '21

Mathematics & Political Science majors, with a Computer Science minor
Collegeville, PA

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Destiny Kinka '22

Hispanic Studies & Religious Studies
Virginia Beach, VA

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Jason Brugman '21

Political Science & Religious Studies
Lorton, VA

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