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DeFord Manor Recognized as 'River Star Home'

The home is designed to keep pollution from entering the Elizabeth River and related waterways

University News | July 25, 2022

Virginia Wesleyan University's DeFord Manor has officially been recognized as a "River Star Home" by the Elizabeth River Project. The home meets a seven-part pledge to keep pollution from entering the Elizabeth River and related waterways.
Completed in March, DeFord Manor serves as the on-campus residence for the University president. In keeping with the University's environmental sustainability initiatives, approximately 460 trees, shrubs and plants fill the landscape surrounding DeFord Manor. Nearly a mile of underground stormwater chambers and a bio pond are also a part of the project. 
DeFord Manor circle and driveway are "green," the surface helping to control runoff, prevent flooding and replenish groundwater by allowing water to penetrate through the driveway rather than running off the top. Surface water is absorbed through the permeable driveway material, and the soil below filters the water, preventing chemicals from vehicles and other sources from getting into the ground water or contaminating the water in storm drain systems.
DeFord Manor is named in honor of generous benefactors and long-time Trustees Bob and Nancy DeFord. Mr. DeFord is currently a Trustee Emeritus, and Mrs. DeFord is the Vice Chair of the Board.
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