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Cost Per Credit Hour: $499

Next Start Date: October 18, 2023

Classes start six times a year, and terms are less than eight weeks long, so you’ll be able to complete a degree on your schedule. Most students can expect to work approximately 10-12 hours a week on coursework, but of course, that depends on a number of factors. What is always true, however, is that your professors stand ready to help you in any way you need.

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You don’t need a business degree to get a Master of Business Administration. Our MBA program is designed to provide leadership skills and give you the foundation to succeed in any field, regardless of your background.

There is high demand for well-rounded leaders who can bring both business and leadership skills to the table. The MBA prepares professionals for career enhancement and personal development in the high-tech, 21st century global marketplace. It seeks to develop leaders committed to creating sustainable, social, environmental, and economic value through effective and responsive business practices.

You’ll engage with highly qualified faculty on your schedule and experience an accelerated online MBA with the rigor and personal attention you need to get the most out of your education. Upon graduation, you’ll have the communication and teamwork skills necessary to compete in a global environment, a firm understanding of advanced business concepts, knowledge of relevant emerging business trends, and key leadership skills necessary for managerial roles.

Our MBA program is offered in a participative online learning environment. The 10-course program can be completed in as little as 12 months, and students may enroll on either a full-time or a part-time basis. Concentrations include:

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours from the following: 
    BA 771 - Advanced Industrial Accounting I 
    BA 772 - Advanced Industrial Accounting II 
    BA 785 - Special Topics and Issues 
    BA 789 - Corporate Financial Management 
    BA 796 - Advanced Public Accounting I 
    BA 797 - Advanced Public Accounting II 
    BA 798 - Advanced Public Accounting III 

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours from the following: 
    BA 735 - International Trade and Finance 
    BA 765 - Financial Decision Making 
    BA 786 - Cash Management and Investments 
    BA 787 - Capital Budgeting and Risk Analysis 
    BA 788 - Mergers and Acquisitions 
    BA 789 - Corporate Financial Management 

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours: 
    BA 701 - Leadership for Healthcare Professionals 
    BA 702 - Healthcare Management I 
    BA 703 - Healthcare Management II 

  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has acknowledged that the Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development with a concentration in Human Resource Management fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. Throughout the world, 401 programs in 299 educational institutions have been acknowledged by SHRM as being in alignment with its suggested guides and templates. The HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates were developed by SHRM to define the minimum HR content areas that should be studied by HR students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The guidelines – created in 2006 and revalidated in 2010 and 2013 – are part of SHRM’s Academic Initiative to define HR education standards taught in university business schools and help universities develop degree programs that follow these standards. 

    Nine (9) additional semester hours: 
    BA 775 - Human Resources Management 
    BA 776 - Human Resources Strategy and Planning 
    BA 784 - Talent Development and Performance Management 

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours: 
    LO 532 - Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
    LO 730 - Foundations of Nonprofit Leadership
    LO 731 - Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Public Policy

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours: 
    BA 781 - Fundamentals of Project Management 
    BA 782 - Managing the Project Team 
    BA 794 - Project Risk Management 

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours: 
    LO 740 - Contemporary Issues in Sport 
    LO 741 - Ethical Leadership in Sport 
    LO 742 - Foundations of Sport Leadership 

  • Nine (9) additional semester hours: 
    BA 735 - International Trade and Finance
    BA 761 - Supply Chain Operations and Management
    BA 762 - Supply Chain Procurement

At Virginia Wesleyan University, discover one of the most affordable online MBA programs in the region and master your future in business and leadership.

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The Education Department offers an online Master of Education Degree (MEd) with a concentration in Teacher Leadership designed for licensed teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning and seek to become teacher leaders. Core courses in the program require teachers to take part in reflective and responsive teaching through open-minded reflection on current practices in education with a focus on contemporary reform and education research. Aligned to the National Competencies of Teacher Leadership, the courses within the Teacher Leadership concentration provide educators the tools to become leaders in advocacy, innovation, and to become change agents in their school districts and the educational community at large.

The ten-course program is offered in a fully online learning environment, delivered by full-time faculty in collaboration with highly qualified adjunct instructors who bring practical expertise to the program.  Students may enroll on either a full-time or a part-time basis. Courses are taught in 8-week sessions.  Teachers can complete the course of study in as few as 16 months, taking classes part time during the school year and full time during the summer.

Program Highlights

  • Taught completely online
  • Can be completed in as little as 16 months
  • 10 required courses
  • Students can enter the program in any online term
  • Concentration in Teacher Leadership

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Virginia Wesleyan University offers a Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) Program that leads to initial licensure in one of 13 secondary 6-12 or preK-12 endorsement areas and prepares teachers who will inspire a love for learning in their students and in the communities they will serve.

This 5th-Year (4+1) Program requires students to complete a bachelor's degree at VWU in one of the approved majors in order to be eligible for admission to the MAEd Program. Students who want to be teachers in one of the secondary 6-12 or preK-12 endorsement areas are encouraged to apply as early as the second semester of their sophomore year. 

The MAEd Program is a three-semester course of study that begins each Summer, includes multiple opportunities for fieldwork in diverse secondary or preK-12 education settings, and culminates with a 10-week student teaching experience in the Spring. Program candidates will learn through predominantly face-to-face classroom experiences and will be exposed to innovative instructional media and technology to prepare them for the changing education landscape of the 21st Century. 

Additional highlights of the Program include coursework in cognition and human development, exceptional student populations to include special needs as well as gifted and talented, and collaborating with families and communities. The course of study will be staffed by full-time faculty and in collaboration with highly qualified public school personnel who bring exceptional expertise and experience in vital areas. 

Students pursuing the MAEd degree must be enrolled full-time. However, with proof of licensure, teachers can register as part-time students for MAEd courses through the Take Five Program with a 50% reduction in Evening and Weekend tuition costs.  

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The new Master of Environmental Studies (MEnv) is a 30-credit graduate program which will be offered online, beginning in the fall 2023 semester. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in the environment and sustainability fields by combining a rigorous academic foundation in environmental studies with coursework that develops practical real-world skills in the field. It is designed to help environmental professionals gain additional skills, experiences, and credentials to help them advance in their careers. Students complete core classes on environmental problem solving, environmental policy, sustainability assessment, and environmental justice, with additional coursework in climate change, water resources management, and business. Throughout these 10 courses, students will hone their skills in problem solving, project development, sustainability assessment, and professional communication. In addition to faculty, active practitioners will serve as guest instructors, providing mentoring and networking opportunities. In the final two courses of the program, students will propose and implement a capstone project that integrates their learning and career interests into their own communities. The capstone experience that can be an internship OR can include work done for an environmental employer.

Earliest length of time to completion: 20 months (average); 16 months (shortest); 2+ years (longest), if participants take fewer than 2 courses per semester.

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The Master of Arts in Human Services at Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) is a 31-credit hour degree program which will be offered and delivered online, beginning in the fall 2023 semester. This graduate program is designed to prepare current and aspiring Human Services professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to further their professional and academic growth and development. This 11-course program is targeted to working adults who are in the broad field of Human Services and who would like to enhance their knowledge base and techniques in areas such as social services and community resource and policy programs, and community-focused, health-related, public safety, and administrative positions. This program can meet the needs of professionals in this sector who would like to pursue a Master’s degree and advance within their current organization. The program is offered online and asynchronously to provide flexibility for this workforce population. The Master of Arts in Human Services degree curriculum enhances professionals in social services, health-related, public safety, and administrative positions by broadening the definition of human services to include administration of human services. In the final two courses of the program, students will propose and implement a capstone project that integrates their learning and career interests into their own communities. The program culminates in a practicum which allows students to observe and practice discipline specific methods in the Human Service field of their choice within their community. The program is specifically designed to help students receive focused attention and numerous opportunities for experiential learning.

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The MA in Arts Leadership and Nonprofit Management is a 30 credit degree program available in an online asynchronous format that is designed to prepare students for engaging careers in arts and nonprofit administration by giving them an understanding of the foundational principles of leadership and management while applying that theory in practical situations with leading arts and nonprofit organizations. The program is well-suited for students who are already employed in the nonprofit arts organizations and students who aspire to professional careers in arts administration. The program will help students expand their skills and understanding of ethical, effective, and dynamic leadership and the application of those skills in professional arts organizations. 

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