Non-Degree Students

Visiting Students

Visiting students are those who are currently enrolled at another institution and who want to take a class at Virginia Wesleyan University to be transferred to their home institution. The Visiting Student Application is primarily used in the Summer Session and January Term.

Non-Degree Students

Non-degree or unclassified students are those who are taking course work for credit but are not working toward a degree. A student who decides at a later date to change this status needs to reapply to the University as a degree-seeking student.

Audit Students

Audit students are those who take courses without record. Audit students may not change an audited course to credit status at a later date. Courses are open to auditors only on a space-available basis. There are several ways to audit a course:

  • Official Audit
    For students who need documentation of auditing a particular course. The regular tuition rate is charged and documentation is noted on a transcript from the Virginia Wesleyan Registrar's Office.
  • Audit
    For students who do not need documentation, but would enjoy taking a particular course on a non-credit basis. The tuition rate is $50 per credit hour.
  • Unofficial Audit
    For enrolled degree-seeking Virginia Wesleyan students who need a refresher course in preparation for a subsequent course. There is no charge for this arrangement, which is done on a space-available basis, and no record is kept.
  • Senior Citizen Audit
    For senior citizens (age 62 or above) who wish to audit a course on a space-available basis. The tuition rate for senior citizens is $50 per course.

Non-Degree Programs

Continuing Education
Virginia Wesleyan University's University College offers an online continuing education program designed to provide advanced professional skills sought by employers in a variety of career fields. The program includes a comprehensive portfolio of personal and professional development courses and career training certificates. It features hundreds of courses including accounting, business, information technology, computer applications, the environment, writing, and publishing.

Robert Nusbaum Center
Promotes the education and foundation needed to meet the challenge of fostering religious freedom in a diverse world. The Center offers a forum for people of deep faith and abiding conscience to share common goals that transcend denominational boundaries—a place where students, faculty and people of all faiths join together to forge a common ground of mutual concern, working to achieve civil solutions to difficult problems.

Wesleyan Sacred Music Institute
Offers performance opportunities and educational programs designed to foster understanding and to encourage an appreciation of diversity and excellence in the sacred arts. The Church Music Certificate Program offers courses at the undergraduate level (also offered for Continuing Education Units) to prepare students for service in church music ministry, or enhance the skills of adults working in the profession.

Robert F. Boyd Institute
Offers continuing education for clergy, aspiring clergy, and laity through seminars with renowned guest speakers. These seminars are eligible for Continuing Education Units for clergy members in the Virginia Annual Conference. The Institute also hosts conference and district events which have included Awakening, the annual Virginia Conference youth gathering; the Tri-District Leadership Workshop which brings local church leaders to campus for an all-day training session; and the annual pastor's licensing school.

Westminster/Wesleyan Lifelong Learning Institute
Those living at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay can take non-credit courses in art, history, political science, psychology, religion, popular culture, and other subjects. Taught by Virginia Wesleyan faculty, the courses are offered at no cost to Westminster-Canterbury members on site, as well as on the Virginia Wesleyan campus.