Academic Support


The advising system at Virginia Wesleyan University fosters the growth of strong relationships between students, staff and faculty, enabling student success through intentional connections with people, academic programs, and processes of the University. The academic advising system supports academic planning, retention, and professional growth as students work toward a timely graduation and pursue life and career goals.

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Instructional Technology

The Instructional Technology office helps foster a culture of innovative teaching and learning by providing leadership in the implementation of instructional technology across campus. This includes supporting the effective use of existing systems, as well as investigating and assessing new educational technologies to further advance instructional capabilities.

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Learning Center

The Learning Center coordinates tutorial and student academic support services at Virginia Wesleyan University. Our mission is to give students the resources they need to be successful independent learners. We are also committed to maintaining an open channel of communication with faculty, staff, and students. We supplement faculty instruction by providing peer and professional tutoring, appropriate resource materials to supplement course work, skills workshops, and alternate testing facilities. We also coordinate disability services and accommodations.

Learning Center Services:

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