The Malbon Center for Technology

Microsoft Windows Information

Virginia Wesleyan University uses Windows 10 across campus and can support Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. All PC computers running Windows 8 or below are blocked from accessing the campus network— both wired and wireless. 

All computers (both PC and Mac) must also have current and up-to-date antivirus protection. If you do not have antivirus software, you can download free software from or

Computer Accounts Password Information

Students, faculty and staff are assigned password-protected computer accounts while they are associated with Virginia Wesleyan. These passwords are account specific, give access to personal information, and should be safeguarded and never shared with anyone. For security purposes, the initially assigned passwords must be changed. 

Please note: VWU IT Services, or any other official from the University, will never ask you for your password. Any email or communication that asks for your password is NOT legitimate. Please report any such email or communication to the IT Help Desk at or 757.524.5900.

Passwords must meet the following complexity requirements:

  • Passwords must be 10 characters or longer
  • Passwords must contain 3 of the following 4 character types:
    • Uppercase Letters
    • Lowercase Letters
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • Special Characters (` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = { } [ ] | : ; " ' < > , . ? /) 
  • Passwords may not contain any portion of your name or username