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Larry Hultgren, VWC's longest-standing faculty member, among dedicated employees honored April 23 at annual Employee Appreciation Reception

Larry HultgrenBy Staff | April 27, 2015

Among the honorees at the annual Employee Appreciation Reception held April 23 was one of Virginia Wesleyan’s most beloved and well-known professors, Larry Hultgren. This academic year marks the 45th year of teaching for the philosophy professor, VWC’s longest-standing faculty member. Hultgren also serves as director of the College's PORTfolio Program.

“Dr. Larry Hultgren is truly a gentleman and a scholar at the height of his career,” said Travis Malone, associate professor of theatre and chair of the Division of Humanities. “His humility, good grace, and calming presence have provided much needed levity and leadership over the years.”

Hultgren was honored along with 27 other Virginia Wesleyan employees with years of service ranging from 10 to 35 at the reception held in the Pearce Hospitality Suite. Honorees enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cake as they were recognized by VWC President Billy Greer and Human Resources Director Karla Rasmussen.

“Today we honor those faculty and staff who have dedicated themselves over time to the mission we embrace,” said Rasmussen. “We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We have different gifts and strengths, different positions and responsibilities…yet we function within VWC as one community committed to a mission of education and service.”

Congratulations to the following employees for reaching noteworthy career milestones:

2015 Employee Honorees

10 Years

Soraya Bartol Associate Professor of Marine Biology
Richard Bond Batten Associate Professor of History; Director of the General Studies Program
Victor Dorsey Sergeant, Campus Security; Shift Supervisor
Christine Hall Associate Director of Communications; Graphic Design Manager
Sheri Higgason Development Assistant for Gifts
Marea Hyman Associate Director of Student Counseling
Craig Jackson Associate Professor of Psychology
James Losey Gardener
Travis Malone Associate Professor of Theater and Chair of the Division of Humanities
Kathleen Reese Adult Studies Program Academic Adviser and Outreach Coordinator 
John Rudel Batten Associate Professor of Art; Coordinator of Art Exhibitions
C.J. Sholler Assistant to the Director of Security
Betty Spence Housekeeper
Harold Stallings Housekeeper
Kathy Stolley Professor of Sociology; Associate Dean for Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning
R. Cathal Woods Associate Professor of Philosophy

20 Years

Sandra Billy Director of the Center for Sacred Music
Benjamin Dobrin Professor of Social Work

25 Years

Elaine Dessouki Assistant Professor of Management, Business and Economics
Judith Tinsley Executive Administrative Assistant
Joyce Young Housekeeper

30 Years

Leslie Hines Administrative Assistant; PORTfolio Program
Diane Hotaling Director of Community Service
Carol Johnson Associate Professor of English
Cheul Kang Professor of Management, Business and Economics

35 Years

J. Michael Hall Lambuth M. Clarke Professor of English
Sharon Wilson Associate Registrar

46 Years

Larry Hultgren Professor of Philosophy; Director of the PORTfolio Program