Virginia Wesleyan Celebrates Women's History Month

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On Deck Speaker Series Brings Distinguished Speakers, Fellowship/Movie Nights, Research Presentation to Campus Community

Women's History Month PosterNews Release | March 7, 2017

This March, in celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, Virginia Wesleyan's Women's Resource Center—with support from The Lighthouse and the VWC Department of History—has organized a special series of events to celebrate the vital contributions of women throughout history and in contemporary society.

"The importance of these events for our community cannot be understated," says Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Women's Resource Center Jennifer Slivka. "It's crucial that young women and men can see that women can be anything from scholars to lawyers to human rights activists. And beyond this modeling, we can all learn more about the world and ourselves through a perspective we may not have previously considered." Slivka added, "The On Deck series serves as a spotlight to showcase the important work being done by and about women, as well as other marginal groups normally pushed into the shadows of popular, and even academic discourses. The Women's Resource Center at Virginia Wesleyan is proud to be able to help bring these issues to light for our community."

Virginia Wesleyan College Women's History Month On Deck Speaker Series

Rafia Zakaria: The Truth and the Veil
A Story of Two Cases and Many Contexts
Tuesday, March 7
11 a.m., Blocker Auditorium

International Women's Fellowship Night
Wednesday, March 8
5-7 p.m., The Lighthouse

Lynne Hartnett: From Women's March to Revolution
Reflections on the Success and Failure of the Russian Revolution
Thursday, March 9
11 a.m., The Lighthouse

Women's History Month Movie Nite: Suffragette
Tuesday, March 14
7 p.m., The Bonnewell Room, Floyd E. Kellam, Jr. Social Science Lab

Women and the Pill: Before & After
Thursday, March 30
11 a.m., Clarke 118

For more information about these events, contact Director of the Women’s Resource Center Jennifer Slivka at 757.455.3268 or email