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VWU Addresses Affordability with New Coastal Advantage Program

Program virtually eliminates tuition for qualified students

University News | June 22, 2023

In their ongoing effort to address the hardship of student debt, leaders at Virginia Wesleyan University have launched Coastal Advantage, a program that virtually eliminates tuition for qualified students. The new program makes college affordable—without the burden of loans—for accepted commuter students from families with household incomes under $60,000. 

For the first-year students who qualify, Coastal Advantage covers all but $2,500 of VWU tuition. To pay the $2,500, students can participate in VWU’s Work and Learn Program or apply for variety of financial aid options, which can also cover university fees. Coastal Advantage students can remain in the program until they graduate if they stay in good academic standing and continue to meet the financial and commuting qualifications. 

“Coastal Advantage can make a Virginia Wesleyan education affordable to college students from low-income families,” said Heather Campbell, VWU’s vice president for enrollment. “So far we’ve offered this to 21 students for the fall semester, and we’re hoping to expand that number to 50.” 

Coastal Advantage joins other VWU programs aimed at making higher education accessible to everyone. For example, earlier this year VWU established Tidewater Promise, which enables first-year students who aren’t accepted by VWU to automatically enter Tidewater Community College.