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Love Virtually in The Liberal Arts

February 7-18, 2022

Held annually around Valentine’s Day, the Love Liberally symposium—again this year as Love Virtually—explores love as it relates to the liberal arts. In this virtual age of COVID-19, Virginia Wesleyan University community members will again share informal "Bob Talk" videos from February 7-18 that explore the concept of love through their own disciplinary lens. After more than a decade, this series has become a University tradition that creates a unique opportunity for exploration of scholarly passions and engaged learning.


"The Hermeneutics of Love: the Loves of Hermes/Mercury in Greek and Roman Mythology"
(Ben Haller, Classics)

"Love the Source You're With"
(Amber Gruszeczka, Research Librarian)

"Puppy Love: Including Animals in Wedding Ceremonies"
(Kathy Stolley, Sociology)

"For the Love of Clay"
(Phil Guilfoyle, Art)

"#OUTLOVE: More than Just a Hashtag"
(Brandon Elliott, Athletics)

"What’s Love Got to Do With It? The Impact of Text Messaging on Interpersonal Communication"
(Robin Takacs, Communication)

"A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss: Saying Goodbye to a Dangerous Biblical Practice"
(Craig Wansink, Religious Studies)

"Valentines in the Bible"
(Terry Lindvall, Religious Studies)

"Loving Our Earth"
(Ashley Roehrman '21, Earth and Environmental Science & Sociology)

Thank you to the Bob Talk presenters for sharing their perspective of their discipline, love and the liberal arts. 

Members of the Love Virtually Committee:

Denise Wilkinson, Amber Gruszeczka, Kathy Stolley and Stephanie Smaglo