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Worship & Music Conference

Summer 2019:   Sacred Music Summer Conference – A Worship & Arts Event
Conference Dates: July 22-27, 2019

Steeped in the Wesley tradition of "training minds and warming hearts," Virginia Wesleyan University's non-denominational Worship & Music Conference offers continuing education opportunities for church musicians, worship leaders, music teachers, and all who are interested in the sacred arts. (Academic credit is available)

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*Available for your enjoyment, for Continuing Education Units (1 ceu per day), or Academic Credit.  Different rates and requirements apply.


Full-conference: $355
Per day: $95
Directing Church Choirs: $195
Composers’ Symposium: $60


Monday, July 22, 2019

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
"Directing Church Choirs" mini-course first session

6:45 p.m.
“Welcome Reception” – Monumental Chapel Plaza

7:30 p.m.
“A Service of Christian Prayer using the Music of Taizé and Iona” / Monumental Chapel

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Heather Sorenson (composer)

  • Hot Off the Press (reading session)
  • Anthems for Occasions (reading session)
  • Scripture Anthems (reading session)
  • Favorites & Best-Sellers (reading session)
Heather Sorenson

Tom Trenney (motivation & organist/director)

  • And May God Give Us Faith to Sing Always
  • In the Mind of the Composer (reading session)
  • Then Sings My Soul
  • Abracadabra: ‘Magic’ of Musical Improvisations
Tom Trenney

Lucy Lind Hogan (preaching)

  • Stirring Our Imaginations: Preaching the Stories of Luke
  • Stop, Look, and Listen: Don’t Just DO, Sit There!
  • Pulpit, Podcast, Periscope
  • Keep Awake: Watching for the Unexpected
Lucy Lind Hogan

Jeff Smith (drama)

  • Telling the Old, Old Story in New, New Ways
  • Pop-Up Narratives
  • Scripture as Script:  Word Heard!
  • The God Rods
Jeff Smith


4:00 p.m. Bonus:  “Rehearsal Management for Successful Choirs”  (Billye Brown Youmans)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mark Patterson (volunteer adult choirs)

  • Seven Steps to Better Sound
  • Habits of Excellence
  • Meeting Our Realities
  • Repertoire Solutions
Mark Patterson

Roy Belfield (organ)

  • Hymn-Service Playing
  • Organ Literature for Church Organists
  • Conducting from the Console
  • Registrations for the Worship Service
Roy Belfield

Marcia McFee  (worship planning)

  • The Advent Season: What’s Yearning to be Born?
  • Discerning a Deeply Spiritual Journey for Advent
  • Design Elements for an Unforgettable Advent
  • Have Your Own Advent Season without Running Ragged
Marcia McFee

Abby Baird (Orff instruments)

  • Sing and Play the Orff Way for Younger Ones
  • Musical Motivation for the Middle Grades
Abby Baird

Phil Guilfoyle (glass-fused art)

  • Kiln-Fused Glass Ornaments & Objects
Phil Guilfoyle


4pm Bonus:  Expand Your Church’s View with World Hymnody (Chi Yi Chen)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Joseph Martin (composer)

  • Choral Anthem Reading Session
Joseph Martin

Heather Williams Potter  (children’s music)

  • A Year of Beautiful Singing (reading session)
  • Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
  • Love Tangibly
  • Singing in Parts: Moving Singers Along the Path to Vocal Independence
Heather Potter

Marcia McFee  (worship planning)

  • The Lent Season: Laying it All on the Table
  • Discerning a Deeply Spiritual Journey for Lent
  • Design Elements for an Unforgettable Lent
  • Have Your Own Lent without Running Ragged
Marcia McFee

Hyosang Park (handbells)

  • Ringing Articulation
  • Handbells in Worship
  • Handbell Music Reading Session
  • Starting a Handbell/Chime Choir with Children
Hyosang Park

Phil Guilfoyle (glass-fused art)

  • Kiln-Fused Glass Ornaments & Objects
Phil Guilfoyle


4pm Bonus:  The Norfolk Street Choir: Tips on Developing Your Community’s Homeless Choir (Robert Shoup & Marla Robinson)

Friday, July 26, 2019

Philip Stopford (composer)

  • The Christmas Music of Philip Stopford
  • The Sacred Anthems of Philip Stopford
Philip Stopford

Lisa Billingham (choral artistry)

  • Get Moving! Vocal Health for the Church Choir
  • Laban Rehearsal Strategies
Lisa Billingham

Amy Gray  (art & ideas)

  • Worshiping with the Big Screen
  • The Eternal and the Temporary: Creating for Worship
Amy Gray

Lois Reese (drumming)

  • Rhythms of Latin America
  • Songs of Peace
Lois Reese

Composers’ Symposium with Joseph Martin

Songwriters of every talent will learn and grow in a fun, interactive environment.  All will receive training to improve songwriting and refresh skills, and will study the craft of composition.  If time and attendance allows, you can bring a piece to be critiqued.   ($60 in addition to conference fee)

Joseph Martin