The Department of Communication offers courses and opportunities for individual work in the areas of media studies, film & video, advertising/public relations and journalism. Without neglecting professional and career interests, the department stresses the artistic and humanistic bases of its particular disciplines even when these are of experiential nature.

Students who major in communication might expect to find career opportunities (apart from graduate school) in the areas of radio, television, film, newspapers, magazines, digital media, advertising, public relations, teaching, and related fields. The communication industry is one of the fastest growing industries in today's world.

Courses in journalism are designed to introduce students to the field of journalism and offer opportunities to gain experience in reporting, writing, design and editing. A strong emphasis is placed also on the ethical and moral aspects of collecting and reporting news.

The study of communication in the context of a well-rounded liberal arts program should be an asset to a student who plans to enter any of the career fields stressing written or oral communication. Internship opportunities are available.

Major(s): Communication
Minor(s): Communication