Meet Taylor Nichols, Class of 2017

Kameron Clarke

Major: Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Graduate Degree: Master of Science, Women and Gender Studies, Towson University, 2020
Current Position: Program Coordinator, The University of Virginia’s Women’s Center

What drew you to take courses focusing on gender, women and sexuality during your time at Virginia Wesleyan?

I was an undecided undergrad student and was on a mission to take one class in every discipline to make my final decision. Many of my friends had taken the intro to GWSS class so I took it with Dr. Holzer during the spring of my sophomore year and fell in love with it!

What do you remember most about your experiences studying GWSS?

I can’t name just one memory but the friends that I made in the program are some of my closest friends. I’m so thankful for the relationships that I have because of it!

In what ways did your experiences in this interdisciplinary program assist you beyond college?

I have a colleague who also has an interdisciplinary degree and we always joke that people who have an educational background like that know a little bit of everything...Whether it’s history, politics, or even popular culture, I can relate pretty much everything back to a class that I had taken at Virginia Wesleyan.

What advice do you have for other students who are considering taking a course on gender, women and sexuality studies?

The best advice I have is to embrace critical thinking and question everything. Including the things you think you may already know.