Women’s and Gender Studies Courses

219  Women in Culture and Society (4)
Students examine conflicting definitions of gender, analyzing general patterns and the impact of gender on their own lives. Ideas about gender are contrasted with the real-life situations of women and men. Emphasizes the opportunities and difficulties that women of different races, classes, sexualities, and disabilities encounter in today’s society. Offered every semester.

319  Feminist and Gender Theory (4) W
Examines contemporary arguments about the nature of women and men and the biological, and sociocultural categories of male, female, intersex, heterosexual, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered. Gender issues are studied in relation to historical and cross-cultural contexts and to local and global issues affected by the politics of gender. Prerequisites: ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher and WGS 219 or ENG 311; or consent. Offered spring of even-numbered years.

350  Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (4) W
A study of selected issues within Women’s and Gender studies. The course will include a variety of feminist, gender, sexuality, and/or cultural theories in the context of a particular issue or topic. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Prerequisites: WGS 219 and ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher or consent. Offered intermittently.

430  Women’s Studies/Gender Studies Seminar (4) I
An examination of current issues pertinent to women and gender. Students are exposed to a variety of feminist, gender, and cultural theories. Topics vary from semester to semester. Recent topics include “Feminism and Techno-Culture,” “The Female Athlete,” and “How We Become Who We Are.” Prerequisites: WGS 219 or WGS 319 and junior or senior status or consent. May be repeated for credit as topics vary. Offered every spring.